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How to choose your kite size

The size of the kite you should choose depends on several factors:

  • Wind conditions: Larger kites are typically used in lighter wind conditions, while smaller kites are used in stronger wind conditions.

This chart is for a rider with 70 kg

  • Rider weight: The weight of the rider is a critical factor in determining the size of the kite. The kite's size should be selected based on the rider's weight, the wind conditions, and the type of riding that is being performed.

  • Riding style: Different riding styles require different kite sizes. For example, freestyle riding may require a smaller kite, while big air riding may require a larger kite.

  • Board size: The size of the board you're using will also play a role in determining the size of the kite. A smaller board will typically require a bigger kite, while a bigger board will allow riding with a smaller kite.

It is recommended to consult with a professional kitesurfing instructor or an experienced kitesurfer when choosing the right size kite. They can help you determine the best size for your weight, riding style, and wind conditions.

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