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Windsurf foiling in Portugal

windsurf foil

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Hydrofoil windsurfing is the latest and greatest way to take your windsurfing to the next level. It's a little like regular windsurfing, but instead of having a board, you have a hydrofoil that lifts you up out of the water.


So how does it work? You get on your board and then when the wind catches your sail, it lifts you up off the water and lets you glide along with little effort. It's kind of like flying, and it's not just for pros. You'll be zipping around on the water like an expert in no time! Windsurfing is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and enjoy nature. But if you want to go even faster, then windsurf hydrofoiling may be the sport for you. The board that has an airplane-style wing mounted on it, and when you put this in the water, it creates lift like an airplane wing does when it flies through the air—except instead of flying up into the sky, it lets you ride high above the water! The hydrofoil board is a lot of fun, but you may need some help getting started. If you've never windsurfed before and don't know how to use a hydrofoil board, then our instructors will help teach you everything you need to know about how to windsurf foil.

The Sailing School meets the most important conditions to guarantee a safe and fast learning of Windsurf Foil:
- More than 5 years of experience in teaching hydrofoil;
- The school is located right at the Óbidos lagoon, an unparalleled place for learning windsurf foiling;
- Experienced instructors trained by FPV;
- A full fleet of rescue boats in order to guarantee maximum safety;
- The best equipment available in the industry;
- Helmets with intercoms, thus ensuring the best possible communication between the instructor and the student;
- Classes are held in ratios of 1:1 allowing a direct focus on student progression;
- Classes last 2 hours, which experience proves to be adequate time for an effective evolution, without going into an exhaustive regime;


private classes




Learning to hydrofoil windsurf in Obidos Lagoon, Portugal

How long does it take to ride a foil?


It is one of the most frequently asked and difficult questions to answer. Each rider has their own learning rhythm, which must always be respected. Typically, between 4 and 8 hours of lessons, students should be able to practice on their own and take responsibility for their own evolution. Our main focus is to safely induce the evolution of students so that they can practice independently and as quickly as possible. You can benefit from price reductions by choosing multi-hour packages.




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