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Foil kite surfing in Portugal


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With more than 15 years of experience in teaching kitesurfing, at EVL we have been following the technical progression of this sport since its beginnings. Naturally, one of EVL's main focuses became Hydrofoil kite surfing.

What is hydrofoiling kitesurfing? Hydrofoiling kite surfing is a sport that involves riding on the water, using a foilboard. A foilboard is a type of surfboard that has a rigid fin in the middle and two smaller fins at the back which allow for stability when riding. The rider places their feet on top of these fins and board and balances while gliding across the water surface. This fin allows for extra lift and speed as it cuts through the water surface. By using this foil on your board, you can gain momentum while hydro surfing across the surface of the water.

One of the most important steps in a practitioner's progression, the hydrofoil approach, doesn't have to be a daunting and risky process. With the right material, the right environment, and qualified instructors, learning to hydrofoil can and should be a comfortable experience. It is a common misconception that learning to foil kite surf is a long and difficult process. In reality, learning to hydrofoil can be as simple as learning to kitesurf! We offer a range of courses for all levels and ages, from beginners to advanced, so whether you are interested in trying this sport or have been practicing it for years, EVL has something for you! The EVL team can provide you with a range of lessons, from introductory to advanced levels. We have trained instructors who will teach you how to use all the equipment needed for foil kite surfing and explain how it works so that you can be confident in your abilities before venturing out on your own. 

The Sailing School meets the most important conditions to guarantee a safe and fast learning of kitefoil:
- More than 5 years of experience in teaching hydrofoil;
- Experienced instructors trained by FPV and IKO;
- Mobilization of a fleet of support boats in order to guarantee maximum safety;
- Use of the best equipment available in the industry;
- Use of helmets with intercoms, thus ensuring the best possible communication between the instructor and the student;
- Classes are held in ratios of 1:1 allowing a direct focus on student progression;
- Classes last 2 hours, which experience proves to be adequate time for an effective evolution, without going into an exhaustive regime;

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Student practicing hydrofoil kite surfing in Obidos Lagoon, Portugal
Students and instructor with kitefoil in Portugal
Practitioner foil kite surfing in Obidos Lagoon, Portugal

How long do I need to know how to ride a foil?


It is one of the most frequently asked and difficult questions to answer. Each practitioner has their own learning rhythm, which must always be respected. Typically, between 8 and 12 hours of class, students should be able to practice on their own and take responsibility for their own evolution. Our main focus is to safely induce the evolution of students so that they can practice independently and as quickly as possible. You can benefit from price reductions inducing multi-hour packages. We all want to get to the point of riding as quickly as possible, but we actually need to acquire a specific skill set before we get to that stage.


Before we can get on the board, we need to be fully able to:

   - Prepare the equipment properly so that we do not have to depend on anyone else to go ahead;

   - Analyze a point and see if the conditions are suitable or not at a given time;

   - To control a kite almost perfectly! Because, to aspire to fly the board, probably the most important skill is to control the kite as naturally as possible;

   - To perform a proper body drag. Body drag lets you grab the board when you lose it in the water (happens all the time, even for experienced riders), but more importantly, it lets you reach the nearest shore regardless if you need to;

   - Know how to use the equipment's safety mechanisms. Did you know that there are specific procedures, routines and equipment that should be activated if things don't go well? It is mandatory that someone knows how to apply them before they are ready to kite on their own.


Whatever stage you are in, Escola de Vela will be the catalyst for your development!

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