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Students having lessons to kitesurf in Portugal


Private lessons 2h
semi-private lessons
full courses 8h/10h/12H

Looking to learn how to kitesurf? With more than 15 years of experience in teaching kitesurfing lessons, at EVL we have been following the technical progression of this sport since its beginnings. Kitesurfing is one of the most popular water sports in the world, and it's getting more popular by the day. But it's not an easy sport to learn—it takes dedication and practice, and even then, you're going to need some guidance if you want to get good at it. We constantly evolve in the teaching process, offering students a more efficient and safe training in the modality. Whether you are looking for a school for kiteboarding for beginners or want to improve your skills at a more advanced level, EVL is apt for everyone. We are here to guide the practitioner's evolution at any point in their progression. 

We offer a variety of kitesurfing lessons and courses that will get you up on that board as fast as possible. You'll learn everything from basic strokes to advanced maneuvers so that when you're out there kitesurfing with your friends and family, you will be confident and safe! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced kitesurfer, we've got courses that can help. Our lessons are designed to help you develop the skills needed to get out there and have fun while also making sure that your safety is never compromised. We have a variety of kitesurfing lessons available. You'll be taught how to use your kite safely and efficiently while also learning how to perform basic maneuvers like depowering, turning and riding upwind. Our instructors will also help you get comfortable with landings so that when you head out there on your own, you'll be able to get up, ride and land like a pro. We understand that there are a lot of things to consider when learning how to kitesurf, which is why we offer lessons for all levels. We offer private lessons if you're looking for individualized attention from one of our instructors. With our kite surfing courses, we provide all the neccessary equipment that you will need during your lessons so that you are fully equipped and ready to start kite surfing.


The Sailing School meets the most important conditions to guarantee a safe and fast learning of kitefoil: 
- More than 5 years of experience in teaching kitesurfing; 
- Experienced instructors trained by FPV and IKO; 
- Mobilization of a fleet of support boats in order to guarantee maximum safety; 
- Use of the best equipment available in the industry; 
- Use of helmets with intercoms, thus ensuring the best possible communication between the instructor and the student; 
- Classes are held in ratios of 1:1 or 1:2 allowing a direct focus on student progression; 
- Classes last 2 hours, which experience proves to be adequate time for an effective evolution, without going into an exhaustive regime;


private classes
1 student, 1 instructor, 1 kite
2 hours 120€

4 hours 235€
6 hours 345
8 hour
s 450€
10hours 550€

Semi-private classes
2 students, 1 instructor, 1 kite
2 hours 160€

4 Hours 310€
6 hours 450€
8 hours 580€
0Hours 700€

Students learning kitesurfing in Portugal, Obidos Lagoon
Student taking kitesurfing course in Portugal
Instructor helping student with kitesurfing equipment in Portugal
Kitesurfer practicing at Obidos Lagoon in Portugal
ideal kitesurfing spot in portugal


The rental system is perfect for good riders who want to enjoy the lagoon but who do not have or cannot bring their equipment. As well as for beginners and intermediates who don't need lessons and just need to multiply their hours in the water. At EVL you will find top notch RRD equipment  for all disciplines, freeride, wave, freestyle and foil. However, to rent equipment you must ensure that you have the following skills:

  • Know how to swim and be comfortable in deep water;

  • Keep the navigation line and do not drift excessively;

  • Being able to relaunch the kite without difficulties, even in light wind;

  • Good bodydrag capabilities;

  • Know how to do a Self-rescue;

  • Know how to do a self-launch and a self-landing;

  • Have a good spatial awareness and be able to manage your position in the pond;

  • Getting to avoid collisions.


full day-100€

Which formula is most suitable for me?


Private or semi-private lessons? One-on-one lessons or a 12-hour package? Updates or complete lessons for beginners? Each person has different needs and there will be a learning formula that is right for you, depending on your level and learning preferences.     learning.


Private lessons guarantee the fastest progression in the sport. Choosing an instructor just for you and a kite for you at all times will allow you to hone your skills and get to the point of riding as quickly as possible.


Semi-private classes are also a great formula. You will still have plenty of time with the kite and in fact by switching the kite between students every 10 minutes you will have a little time to rest, analyze from an outside perspective what is going on and mature the knowledge you are retrieving. step by step. It's also a lot of fun to share your kitesurfing journey with someone you care about. So why not dive into a semi-private course?


One-on-one lessons are suitable for riders who are unsure whether or not kitesurfing is for them, or for people who already ride a bike but want a smooth introduction to the place or just want to boost their confidence by having an instructor once again.


The packages are for the serious. If you're looking to really progress and take kitesurfing seriously then packages are the way to go. Not only do they mean you'll get a lower price, they'll take you as far as possible, as a series of lessons combined in a specific time window represents a better chance of connecting the dots and having a cohesive and coherent learning process.

includes monitor, all material, insurance and use of the locker room

Prices include VAT in force, material, instructor, insurance.

Aerial View of Yacht_edited.jpg

How long do I need before I can Kitesurf by myself?


It is one of the most frequently asked and difficult questions to answer. Each practitioner has their own learning rhythm, which must always be respected. Typically, between 8 and 12 hours of class, students should be able to practice on their own and take responsibility for their own evolution. Our main focus is to safely induce the evolution of students so that they can practice independently and as quickly as possible. You can benefit from price reductions inducing multi-hour packages. We all want to get to the point of riding as fast as possible, but we actually need to acquire a specific skill set before we get to that stage. Before we can get on the board, we need to be fully able to:

  - Prepare the equipment properly so that we do not have to depend on anyone else to go ahead;

  - Analyze a point and see if the conditions are suitable or not at a given time;

  - To control a kite almost perfectly! Because, to aspire to fly the board, probably the most important skill is to control the kite as naturally as possible;

  - To perform a proper body drag. Body drag lets you grab the board when you lose it in the water (happens all the time, even for experienced riders), but more importantly, it lets you reach the nearest shore regardless if you need to;

    - Know how to use the equipment's safety mechanisms. Did you know that there are specific procedures, routines and equipment that should be activated if things don't go well? It is mandatory that someone knows how to apply them before they are ready to kite on their own.


Whatever stage you are at, we will guide you through your development!

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