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Instructor carrying wing foil to Obidos Lagoon, Portugal


Private lessons
Group lessons


​Get ready for the ultimate wing foil experience! If you're looking for a fun new activity, this is it! Wing foil surfing is a new kind of water sport, built on the premise that you can ride on water faster and farther than ever before. All you need is a wing foil, a board, and some wind—no waves or boats necessary. With our wing foil surfing lessons, you'll learn how to use your wing foil to catch the wind and ride it like a wave.

What is Wingfoil?


Winging is the latest board sport to hit the market; just when we thought there was nothing else to be invented, here comes this thing which is actually quite basic, portable, easy to assemble and very efficient. It can be described as a mix between kitesurfing and windsurfing, having as great benefits its simplicity, practicality and above all the ease of learning and its quick introduction to hydrofoiling. Suitable for winds from 10 to 30 knots, the Wing is one of the most versatile riding vehicles.


With us, you will have at your disposal not only the perfect place to learn the sport but also qualified instructors, state-of-the-art equipment and a fleet of support boats and all the other elements necessary for safe and optimized navigation. Our instructors are here to help you get started today. Whether this is your first time or thousandth time on a board, they're here to help you have an awesome time learning something new! 

Our instructors will teach you everything you need to know about wing foil surfing in the lessons: how it works, what equipment you need, how to get started, etc. The lagoon is the perfect place to practice and try out your new skills. Wing foil surfing is an exciting new way to get out on the water. It's also a great way to spend time with friends and family while working on your summer tan! The instructors at the Obidos Lagoon are here to help you learn all about our new sport and how it works so that you can join us for some fun in the sun! 

Student learning wing foil in Portugal
Student practicing wing foil surfing in Obidos Lagoon, Portugal
Practitioner foil surf in Obidos Lagoon Portugal
Instructor preparing wing foil for lessons in Portugal


Private lessons

The ideal option to guarantee a fast and efficient evolution.

With private lessons, you ensure that you'll have an instructor exclusively for yourself (and your own group if it's the case). Ideal for the beginning and for those tricky stages of development. Lessons last two hours and at the end you should be able to make your first crossings of the lagoon independently. Private lessons guarantee an instructor assigned exclusively to you, which represents the fastest and most effective method of going through the different stages of progression.

Semi-private lessons

If you want to approach this sport in good company, you can choose to progress with your group, up to a maximum of 6 people. These sessions last two hours, and practising Wingfoil in a group increases the motivation and fun factors.


The rental system is perfect for good wingfoilers who want to enjoy the lagoon but who do not have or could bring their equipment. As well as for beginners and intermediates who don't need lessons and just need to multiply their hours in the water. However, to rent equipment you must ensure that you have the following skills:

  • Know how to swim and be comfortable in deep water;

  • Keep the navigation line and do not drift excessively;

  • Being able to manipulate the wing and/or the foil even if the wind is strong;

  • Have a good spatial awareness and be able to manage your position in the pond;

  • Getting to avoid collisions.


Private lessons (2h)

1 person - 120€

2 People -195€
3 People - 260€

Packs (6h)

1 Person-345€
2 People-275€

3 people-250€


full day-150€


How long do I need to learn Wingfoil?


Often, the purpose of the wing is to quickly introduce the rider to the hydrofoiling. This is normally a 3 to 4 sessions process, in which the first lesson is an introduction to wing handling and learning to Wingsurf (on a board without hydrofoil). The second and third sessions are usually on a hydrofoil board. This quick introduction to hydrofoil becomes much more accessible than the lengthy processes of learning hydrofoil in other supports, such as kitefoil and windfoil, and hence the great interest and relevance of the modality in the world of water sports. Once again, the Óbidos lagoon and Escola de Vela da Lagoa are unbeatable places for learning and practising this sport, where the calm waters , consistent wind, and the teaching staff are key elements for rapid progressions.  


learning stages


The Wing is probably the most effective sport to approach hydro foiling . The wing came to revolutionize what are the lengthy and difficult learning processes of hydrofoil, as in the case of Kitefoil and WindsurfFoil. Allowing practitioners to navigate comfortably on a hydrofoil, often in just 3 sessions. The main stages of learning Wingfoil are:

  1.   Preparation and the correct choice of equipment;

  2.   Wing manipulation, generating power and steering with the Wing;

  3.   First navigations on top of the board, without hydrofoil;

  4.   Being able to dictate the board's direction and speeds;

  5.   Execution of turns;

  6.   Introduction to Hydrofoil;

  7.   Techniques and security measures, basic fundamentals;

  8.   First flights;

  9.   Correct flight control;

  10.   It's done. Enjoy your autonomy as a foiler.

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